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  to La Pomarède
    La Pomarède, a charming little village situated on the edge of the Montagne Noire in the heart of the Lauragais between the towns of Revel ( capital of Fine Art Furniture) and Castelnaudary (Capital of Cassoulet) counts 160 inhabitants. It is tucked up against and around its'feudal castle perched on a outcropping of rock.

    Upon crossing the moat bridge one enters within the walls of the medieval castle. The right wing up to the hight tower contains the prestigious Hôtel-Restaurant run by the master-chef Gérald GARCIA and his staff.
    The left wing includes, from left to right : the ancient "Chapel", the Post Office/tourist Information, the Mayor's Office, the School and the "Jean XXII Tower" (private)
    On the walls, to either side of the shield of La Pomarède (3
 gold Pomegrenates) are placed the shields of the "Mauléon" and the "d'Auberjon" families to the left, and those of "Riquet", the "Counts of Toulouse" and "Pope JeanXXII" to the right.

    The Castle of LA POMAREDE dates from the 11th century. In 1211, it was besieged during the crusade led by Simon de Monfort against the Parfaits Cathares, but the besieged managed to escape. During the Hundred Years war, it witnessed the passage of the English troops then those of the king of France led by Duguesclin.
    In 1316, The Pope of Avignon, having just founded the diocèse of Saint-Papoul to which LA POMAREDE was attached, spent the night in the tower which ix named after him. In 1627, amidst religious war, the Duke of Rohan and his protestant troops crossed the LA POMAREDE pass, otherwise known as Dead Man's Pass (Alt. 305 meters) , to engage the catholic troops led by Montmorency.
   Privatly owned for nine centuries, the medieval stronghold has undergone numerous transformations. It is now owned by the village.
   If you wish, there are several delightful short walks around the village (lake and woodland).


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